Friday Afternoon Movie: Dark Side of the Moon

No more meetings. Not one more. If you have to attend one more meeting today you’re going to scream. One more boring, monotonous PowerPoint presentation and you’re going to beat someone to death with their laptop. You’ll feel bad, sure; I mean, it wouldn’t be their fault necessarily, after all no one likes doing PowerPoint presentations — well, everyone except for Tim, that is, but he’s pretty fucking weird to begin with. I mean, remember that time when you walked into the break-room and he was standing there, whispering to the coffee machine and he didn’t even notice your presence because he was so intently whispering and so you cleared your throat and he finally realized there was another person in the room but he didn’t seem embarrassed or anything, just annoyed that someone had interrupted him, and he just sort of gave you a dirty, sideways glance which he kept trained on you for the endless seconds you spent deciding whether you really still wanted coffee, and until you finally backed out of the room at which point you could here him begin whispering again and you were fairly certain you heard your name and the word “whore”? Yeah, that was weird. — it’s just that, if you have to look at one more graph or here the word “actionable” again, you’re gonna snap.

Well relax. Meetings are over for the day. It’s time to chill out, put aside those thoughts of murderous rage, and just wait for that sweet, sweet weekend to roll around. In the meantime, why don’t you take a load off. Take off your shoes, maybe plug in that lava lamp that you got from your secret Santa last Christmas, because now is the time for The Floyd. This week we have Classic Albums: Pink Floyd – The Making of “The Dark Side of the Moon” or, at least, the shorter version for television. Not much to say about this one. It’s the story behind one of the great rock albums of all time as told by Those Who Were There. Containing a bevy of interviews, demo reels, and old footage it’s a journey through the labyrinthine inner workings of manufacturing an album. Bonus clip at the end with an extended look at the single “Money”.

5 Responses to “Friday Afternoon Movie: Dark Side of the Moon”

  1. Rick Says:

    I loved this particular Classic Albums. Of the ones I used to have, it was easily my favorite. The whole series is amazing. And Rick Wright doing “The Great Gig in the Sky” nearly solo is beautiful. Brings a tear to me eye now that he’s gone…

  2. Sterlingspider Says:

    This was delightful! What really floored me was watching the clips of the original live performances. I have never seen an audience that looked like that. They seem practically stunned by what they are hearing.

  3. dako Says:

    oh, that’s great. I’m in the middle of the computer class and i can’t listen and see this. =(
    I’ll have to wait. Fuck.

  4. Tincho Says:

    It’s like the third time I watch this documentary, and once again, I fully enjoyed it! TDSOTM being one of my (if not *the*) favourite albums, it’s kinda magic hearing from them how it all went into place…

    BTW, anyone knows where those clips (the eye, se secuences with the politicians and random people, the hospital…) come from? I’ve seen them live on Water’s performances, but I’ve never found them as a sort of movietrack for the album… That’d be nice to watch while listening to it.

  5. Agent Double Oh-No Says:

    Always loved that album.

    Thanks for sharing !