Insectarium by Madame Peripetie

You know those insect-like Nina Ricci boots, recently immortalized in W‘s Bruce Willis/Emma Heming shoot? Above is a pair that makes those look like a pair of standard-grade Demonias. German company Kronier creates angular, futuristic shoes designed to challenge even the most poised high-heel connoisseurs. Recently, a pair of their shoes, along with other bug-like clothing from various alternative designers, was captured by photographer Madame Peripetie and model Jana Berlin in a shoot titled Insectarium.

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Blouse: Dora Mojzes. Corset: Savage Wear.

Jacket: Guliya Tat

Top: Dora Mojzes.

9 Responses to “Insectarium by Madame Peripetie”

  1. secretia Says:

    how can you fail to be inspired by these designs?

    you guys should create some coilhouse bibs…to catch drool at it gloops towards my keyboard!


  2. Cyra Says:

    HOLY BUNIONS BATMAN. Those are scary looking. I’d never be able to walk in those.

  3. Vivacious G Says:


  4. Jerem Morrow Says:


  5. Jessica Says:

    YUM yum yum…love it. Want it ALL.

  6. Angeliska Says:

    Hi, I actually just drooled on my keyboard.
    Wish I was kidding. Oh my stars- LUST!

  7. MM Says:

    Can they make me some boots to make me look like a satyr? Omg I just looked and they’ve done it. <3 <3 <3

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