Nosferatu Vogueing: A Symphony of Horror

This makes me so happy I could shit bats:

Via Eliza G. at Ectomo.

Bet you didn’t know the Bird of Death was such a funky chicken. Or a Criss Angel fan. More toothsome tidbits over at his YouTube channel. FANGTASTIC. WOULD BITE AGAIN A++++.

13 Responses to “Nosferatu Vogueing: A Symphony of Horror”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Really infectious. Makes me wanna get up and dance. And I’m a lazy &*@# these days.

  2. Lars Says:


  3. Ashbet Says:

    I . . . I am without words!


  4. EvelynChrist Says:

    Oh Lord…. Why isn’t this under Better than coffee? It woke my ass up inducing a fit of giggles.

  5. Mer Says:

    Evelyn, you have a point there! I usually reserve BTCs for Monday mornings, but I think we’ll have to make an exception for this one.

  6. Natasha Says:

    I’m actually having coffee now, I’m getting a double dose and that WAS better than coffee. It really warms my heart that there are people willing to make an ass of themselves purely to amuse others.. I, am one of those asses..

    I see he also likes Brad Pitt!

  7. Sporky Says:

    This dude is way better than Edward Cullen.
    Love the bat-like hand moves.

  8. Vanessa Says:

    OMG!!! That was great!!! More!!!! :-)

  9. Melponeme_k Says:

    Such a great clip.

    He got the hand movements down from the films so good. I loved it.

  10. Infamous Amos Says:

    Go sadness! Go Sadness! Go, go, go sadness!

  11. Nadya Says:

    My favorite part is his expression when he goes over to turn off the camera. I LOVE THIS!

  12. Steph Says:

    Why the FUCK hasn’t he released the footage of us out clubbing yet?

  13. Mer Says: