Chiquita! Selene Luna’s New Solo Show

Our issue 02 cover girl – 3’10” spitfire, comedienne and burlesque sensation Selene Luna – is celebrating her birthday this weekend! There’s no big party, but Selene is asking fans and friends to come and see her new one-woman show, which runs for only two nights, titled Chiquita!. In addition to Selene’s stand-up routine, the show also features a dance hit premiere written by actress/transgender activist Calpernia Addams, a video premiere by legendary alt-culture portraitist¬† Austin Young, and much more. A brief description from Brown Paper Tickets, where you can find showtimes and ticketing information:

Luna pushes the envelope through dark humor and camp, weaving together a lifetime of adversity from her roots in Tijuana, Mexico to humorous tales of Hollywood that can only be told by a little person. Chiquita! is hilariously straightforward as Luna addresses topics most are too embarrassed to ask a little person.  Luna has carved a niche for herself and continues to break the stereotypes of little people in entertainment.  She continues to bring her magnetic appeal to broader audiences and plans to shake things up in a big way!

Even if you can’t be there, there’s tons of new Selene Luna hilarity to enjoy since we last blogged about this gutsy performer. Selene has recently teamed up with comedienne Nadya Ginsburg to co-write and release some short videos, which can be found on Selene’s YouTube channel. My favorite is their turn as Madonna and Lourdes, below:

2 Responses to “Chiquita! Selene Luna’s New Solo Show”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Happy Birthday to Selene! The show sounds SO fabulous, wish I could be there!

  2. Tequila Says:

    Hahaha…”Mommy I’m hungry”…”Why don’t you just drink some water and stretch.” The Woody Allen bit was great too. One can only imagine the Mommy Dearest stuff actually going on in that world Madonna has crafted…hopefully it results in a hilarious film one day directed by Guy Richie.