Ewelina Ferruso’s Fireworks In The Making

Golden Weeds

When I look at Ewelina Ferruso‘s art, one thing pops into my mind: “this is what lowbrow art is supposed to look like”. Like Nadya, I’ve grown a little weary of the pre-teens in distress and bloody bears barraging the genre over the past few years; my brain simply doesn’t respond to spooky imagery as it once did. Ewelina stands apart because she manages to capture the very essence of childhood’s dreamy, happy haze and fears alike without dipping into that same old collective symbol pool.  And let’s not forget her keen technical skill – I’ve seen a couple of these pieces in person and have to say that hers is some of the most impressive workmanship I’ve encountered this year. What I especially dig about Ewelina’s painting style is the way she integrates textures with smooth gradients – each shiny little blob carefully considered and attended to, each stroke blended to perfection.

Above, likely my favorite of Ewelina’s pieces. When I look at this I see yellow flowers pictured from below, as they would look to a child lying in a sunny meadow on a warm summer afternoon. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the enchanted wonderment most of us don’t indulge in nearly enough.


Below, Ewelina describes her evolution and the direction of her new work to Coilhouse.

EF: “My intention is to chronicle a personal spiritual journey. We are the storytellers, fable fibbers, truth seekers, elaborators of dreams and embracers of muses and magical things that others are consciously or unconsciously drawn towards. As artists, we are the magnets of beauty. We bring unlikely particles together in orgasmic connections. Thus, it is in a sense, fireworks in the making as I see it.

I work on a deep inner plane coming from a place of an accumulation of experiences, meditations, mid-night visions, psychic revelations, appreciation of the unseen and a profound passion to evolve. The earlier pieces were centered in childhood and express a certain innocence in play and discovery. I allow myself to be immersed in mystery and often find that the work reveals to me what the mystery is in due time. And so, I expand and demand more mysterious phenomena. The current revelation of work is unraveling itself now as a thorough digging within the denied realms of this soul. I pose the question, ‘How can one fully share their lightness, if one does not embark on a quest to know their darkness?’ It is within this yin and yang that a true woman unfolds. There will be a shedding of old skin and an unlocking of doors.”

Peace in the Garden

More of Ewelina‘s work below the jump.

Conscious Of Suffering



State of the Sea

State of the Soil

State of the Sky

Mantis, close up

Everlasting Gobstopper

3 Responses to “Ewelina Ferruso’s Fireworks In The Making”

  1. Ales Kot Says:

    The amount of detail in her work is eye-popping.

  2. Ashbet Says:

    I love the reverent attention to the smallest detail . . . you get the feeling that her work is fractal, that if you magnified it, the images would just keep on multiplying under your gaze, ever-smaller.

    Tying that in with her repeated spiral motif, this creates a real sense of swirling movement on the canvas . . . lovely and thought-provoking. I would also love to see these paintings in person!

  3. Patricia Says:

    LOVE ‘Giraffe’, ‘Grow’ and ‘Make a Wish’ as a series documenting the growth cycle of flying giraffes :)