Museum of Animal Perspectives

Headed by Sam Easterson, the Museum of Animal Perspectives project involves the placement of tiny cameras atop various animals –everything from scorpions to frogs to  lambs to wolves– and documenting short snippets of them going about their daily lives:

Via Brian Moroz, who says “Cow Staring at Another Cow has a noir elegance to it, but then Wolf Chewing Snail Shells is more family-friendly.”

Be warned: it’s highly addictive fare.* You might very well lose hours watching footage of crocodiles blowing bubbles and moles scurrying through the earth. Here’s hoping there will soon be giraffes, platypuses and dolphins added to the mix!

*Speaking of addictive cam footage, remember Strange Days? The flannel-and-fanny-pack-sporting, mini disc-pimping, PJ Harvey song-ganking cyberpunk Neuromancer knockoff starring Angela Bassett and Ralph Fiennes? A humble request: can someone with more spare time and editing prowess puh-lease take this film preview and splice it together with various clips from the MAP archives?  Comedy gold.

6 Responses to “Museum of Animal Perspectives”

  1. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Holy fucking crap, these are awesome!

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    What Ross said.

    There’s a Great White doc where they attach a camera and get lots of geekgasm moments. I think this is it, but I’m in a rush and out the door in 5, so no time to double check:

  3. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    yeah, the only thing to make this better would be an octopus cam… *jizz*

  4. Peter S. Says:

    Those are all really, really cool, but the armadillo ears just MAKE that whole thing for me. I wish I could tell you why.

  5. Celine Says:

    Aaaaah, these are AMAZING!!!

    Yeah, the armadillo’s ears were super cute. Good choice, putting such a busy, short-breathed, low-to-the-ground animal above the cow, who inspires such a sleepy zen mindset.

    I must have more.

  6. Mer Says:


    The armadillo’s my fave as well. I’m a little embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve watched some of these clips.