Superhero Hideout of the Week: Brooklyn Clock Loft

Behold: my dream lair. Unfortunately, being located in Brooklyn, this loft probably costs a gazillion dollars. Still, one can dream!

The furnishings in this image, however, are far too benign. You all know that I’m decorating-challenged, but even I can see that the tremendous potential of this space been wasted. I’m not saying that we need to completely goth it up in here with coffin furniture and I.V. bag-styled lamps – love that stuff, but not for this. Still, I’d much rather see this space looking like it belongs to a dignified shut-in taxidermist, and not someone’s rich aunt.

So, Coilhomeboys and girls, how would you design this space if it were yours? For more jealousy inspiration, see below. For some reason, though, I’m tempted to skip out on the cabinet-of-curiosities thing altogether and make it totally disco.

Images by Michael Weschler for the NYT article “The New Antiquarians

18 Responses to “Superhero Hideout of the Week: Brooklyn Clock Loft”

  1. gjh Says:

    Nothing says ‘understated interior design chic’ like a giant hologram projector looping Harold Lloyd…

  2. Zoetica Says:

    This immediately made me think of the videos on sculptor Thomas Kuntz’ site. In fact, I think Thomas and his creations would make perfect occupants for this beautiful space.

    Also, a post on Thomas is long-overdue, come to think o fit. I’ll get on that, soon.

  3. Rick Says:

    In all honesty, I’d probably go for some stark industrial thing, not unlike the R&D lab in Batman Forever. Except less homey. And with slightly less Jim Carrey.

  4. Mer Says:

    I used to gaze wistfully at this apartment every single day during my commutes to and from Manhattan on the Q train and daydream about living there. I actually think the decor’s quite lovely as it is, if a little tame. But of course, if I were rich enough to afford a loft like that, no doubt I’d fill the whole place up with my extensive person collection of Joslin art (a girl can dream), fancy antique glass terrariums, Edwardian steamer trunks, a whole bunch of velocipedes and mint condition German Expressionist movie posters, and exquisite circus silks for all of my gorgeous, hardbodied aerialist friends to practice on while I work at my antique Victorian mahogany leather top writing desk.

    Le siiigggh…..

  5. Jenni Says:

    And a giant disco ball! And a big swing in the living room! And a slide! (Second childhood, a la Tom Hanks in “Big”.)

  6. Cyan Says:

    Mer, Jessica Joslin was the first artist that came to mind when I thought about designing this space. She’s brilliant, and I commend you for your taste.

    I would fill this loft with bones, fossils, nautilus shells, mounted butterflies, apothecarian antiquities, and a lot of plants. I also love the idea of a plexiglass coffee table with a completed skeleton within…perhaps a Komodo dragon?

    If I could live within the pages of “Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities,” I would be a happy girl indeed.

  7. Kale Kip Says:

    I think the place isn’t decorated that bad. It is just the colors that make it look a bit like a hippy place. That and the “ethnic” stuff. I’d use way more blue and grey, and no reds. And I’d take the foulards(sic?) off the couches, they look sloppy. I also wouldn’t put too much art or dead animals in there, the place looks already gorgeous without. …Well…ehm… okay, maybe a few skulls and my formaldehyde collection, but that’s it.

    Anybody have an idea why people would want a grandfather clock in there?

  8. Disposable Darling Says:

    Ooh…what a neat apartment.

  9. MR.B Says:


  10. Faith T Says:

    Whatever I did, it would have to involve a window seat.

  11. Fangsticks Says:

    All I can think of is “Save the Clock Tower!”

  12. Josh Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with all the furniture looking like it’s your rich aunt’s so long as it flips/retracts/makes-Transformers-noises to become crimefighting computers at the touch of a button.

    I’m guessing it does; it explains the grandfather clock, if nothing else.

  13. Natasha Says:

    If someone is willing to provide me with my loft, I would be more than happy to demonstrate first hand!… ;p

  14. Tequila Says:

    I agree this may simply be a bad picture of a beautiful space. My problem with it mainly has to that with this style…whatever one wants to call it…is that it looks rather dull when it’s all too clean and orderly. Nothing really looks like an antique let alone has that touch of age needed for some of these items to shine. While I totally understand living in a web and dust covered place would be unhealthy & unrealistic but this just isn’t a style that works with the way things are set up above.

    It’s a bit like steampunk costumes at cons and the like that are all pristine and freshly pressed, they just look blah. A little dirt, rust, and stains would really make some of the items above pop…even if it was faked using any number of techniques.

    It’s a great space, but it feels so utterly wasted on something that comes off as dress up more than lifestyle. Which is odd given that it has some great items laying about.

    Could be the product of a photo shoot though. Things never looked lived in or used in these kinda shoots.

  15. Jessica Says:

    Mer, Cyan: Thank you for the nomination (and the huge & lovely compliment!) I’d gleefully build a bestiary for that space…and HOW!!! Selfishly, I also think that my antique watchmaker’s desk would be perfect right in front of that clock window, preferably surrounded by monkey pitcher plants. Ah, what a happy daydream…

  16. Alice Says:

    But my old aunt IS a shut-in taxidermist!

  17. paul Says:

    i like it. tho the decor leaves me scratching my head – especially after some rhubarb bourbon. didn’t know there was such a thing.

  18. ligiimi Says:

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