SwanHalsinnen by Tina Cassati

Model: Melina

We first mentioned photographer Tina Cassati in our homage to ruffs, and since that time she’s created tons of incredible work, which can be seen on her MySpace page if you add her. Cassati continues to use Photoshop more and more to create strange and exaggerated shapes for her models, and the results are sensuously surreal; take, for example, this recent set, titled SwanHälsinnen.  In addition to taking the photos, Cassati also fashions the headpieces – sometimes in the form of a post-production collage, other times in real life, recycling old clothing or crafting paper and flowers into sculptural adornments.

More images from this series, after the jump!

Model: Nina de Lianin. Hair, hat, etc: Tina Cassati.

Model: Halinka. PaperHatObject – Photocollage by Tina Cassati (Summer)

Model + Make-up: Miss Julietta (Recycled  Hat + Styling Tina Cassati)

Model: Melina (HAT by Tina Cassati – Recycling Art Project 2009 – Salone di Pessa)

3 Responses to “SwanHalsinnen by Tina Cassati”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Beautiful, what a lovely idea!

  2. Kaylynn Says:

    I love these, they took me right back to Art History II and that wonderful Madonna with the Long Neck by Parmigianino. That piece has always stood out to me and it’s really beautiful to see how styles are able to transcend time and influence that way. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Vivacious G Says:

    Oh these are wonderful, I really love her work!