Vote for Coilhouse! Only 2 Hours Left!

UPDATE: We did it! Together! We made it into the Top 10. Now, we wait ’til the 24th to find out if we’re selected as one of the finalists. Thank you to everyone who stepped up at the last minute to make a difference.

First off, thank you, all, for your incredible support. We’re currently at 355 votes, placing us only 100 or so votes shy of breaking into the Top 10 (out of 3,994 nominees!). Not bad for being in the competition for less than 12 hours, eh? Most of the businesses in the Top 10 registered on the site back in August, whereas we only found out about this contest yesterday. All we can say is: wow. Thank you.

There are 2 hours left to vote. In those 2 hours, we want to make it to the Top 10. We’re almost there! After midnight ET, it’s in the hands of the judges, who will choose 3 finalists. They’re not necessarily going to be looking at this as a popularity contest; it’s more about the story that each business has to tell. Even though it’s not a numbers game at that point, being at the top will certainly help us catch the judges’ eye. That’s why we’re asking any stragglers who haven’t yet voted for Coilhouse to help us win.

Again, the steps take less than 60 seconds (Tequila timed it, says it took him only 41 seconds)

  • STEP ONE: click here to register as a voter on the site. We know, registration is super-annoying. This one’s petty painless, actually. Just a few fields. Don’t worry about spam – they explicitly say “we will not solicit your email for special offers, product news or other communications.”
  • STEP TWO: click here to view our entry on the site. On this site, click on the blue button on the left sidebar with the words “Support This Story, ENDORSE NOW.” And that’s it. You’re done!

Thank you again, guys, for all your support. It’s been wonderful watching this story spread on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve almost there – let’s close the gap!

We will return to your regularly scheduled Coilhouse programming on Monday.

But even if it gets cut off at midnight, judges aren’t going to go for the most popular contestants, necessarily. There are tons of businesses that have more votes than us that just aren’t interesting or classy enough to get chosen as a finalist. Like that laser tag place that just got knocked out of the top 10.

They’re also looking at how long each contestant has been in the competion. Almost ALL of the contestants in the top 10 were the very, very first to register. You can tell by their ID number in the URL compared to ours. The judges are going to know that they got that many votes over the course of 3 week, and we got 1/3rd of that in a DAY, that we have potential.

8 Responses to “Vote for Coilhouse! Only 2 Hours Left!”

  1. john colby Says:

    Hope you win

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    done and done

    good luck!



  3. Sam Says:

    SWEET! Just hit the top ten! I made my boyfriend and my mom vote too.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Even if I do get some unwanted mail, it was worth it. Good luck!

  5. tALSit de CoD Says:

    Tried, but am not from that part of the world! Sorry! Good luck anyway!

  6. Tequila Says:

    Congrats on making it to the top 10!

  7. russell Says:

    Sorry I am not American and therefore unable to support you :(

  8. JoAsakura Says:

    YAY! \^_^/