RUFFGASM! With Your Host, Natalie Shau.

Remember the Coilhouse ode to ruffs? And the slightly shorter ode to digital artist/photographer Natalie Shau? Well, here we have two great tastes that taste great together. I could easily see this image, titled Dominion, on the cover of Elegy. I love the colors, the wallpaper, the texture of the ruff. The waist is maybe a bit too Ralph Lauren-ish – if you’re going to make it that small, I feel like it should look obviously cinched, like Mr. Pearl – but I love everything else about it. Go Natalie! For more new work, check out her site.

6 Responses to “RUFFGASM! With Your Host, Natalie Shau.”

  1. Vivacious G Says:


  2. Staylight Says:

    The most perfect thing I have ever seen. EVER.

  3. choklit Says:

    Ohhhhh stunning. And there’s more ruffs to be had at her Web site! Off to drool over her imagery…

  4. Natasha Says:

    I had not heard of Mr Pearl before this post. I can honestly say that my perception of attraction to the male form has now been challenged and I am actually INTRIGUED. Incredible. Oh and, yay ruffs!

  5. girllightning Says:

    pure gorgeousness!

  6. mr pearl lover Says:

    This is such a beautiful picture, love the doves