The Chapman Bros. Shoot Claudia Schiffer to a Pulp

Harpers Bazaar UK employed Jake and Dinos Chapman who, with the help of photographer Michelangelo di Battista and illustrator Jon Rogers, produced this fantastic set for their November issue, which focuses on the always stunning Claudia Schiffer and features the supermodel in a variety of Grade-A pulp situations such as “Femme Fatale With Gun”, “Sexy Girl Tied Up and Being Threatened by Hand With Whip”, and “Sexy Girl Bound and Gagged Being Threatened by Ghoul”. I have linked the entire series after the jump, in standard, tiny Coilhouse image form but you should go here to see these in all their huge, scanned glory. I love them, but then, I’m a sucker for stuff like this. The pulp fiction thing. Not, you know, the sexy girl bound and gagged thing.

I’m gonna go now.

Via Super Punch who found them at Who Killed Bambi? who found them at My Modern Met and The Telegraph.

2 Responses to “The Chapman Bros. Shoot Claudia Schiffer to a Pulp”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I can appreciate the effort and work that went into this series.. I just think its really badly done, maybe its the fact that her facial expressions just aren’t believable in the situations she’s been placed in. I dunno! I’m no real model myself..

  2. Sockatume Says:

    Surely it wouldn’t be a pulp if her expressions weren’t ridiculously hammy, though.