Call for Volunteers: Issue 05 Shoot in Bay Area

Model: lumivalkoinen. Hair: Holly Jones. Makeup: Nelly Recchia. Wardrobe: Mother of London. Photo: me.

Coilhouse readers located in the Yay Area! We’re doing a shoot for Issue 05 next weekend in San Francisco, and we need two volunteers! We can’t reveal the content of the shoot, other than to say that the subject is one talented performer, and that there’s some beautiful custom-made outfits involved. Other than that – no spoilers for the readership! Especially since Issue 04’s not even out yet. The shoot will be either on Saturday or Sunday of next week in a studio. We’re looking for the following people:

  • Makeup Artist. Must be good at beauty and fashion makeup. Please provide a link to portfolio.
  • Assistant Photographer. Must be a photographer experienced with lighting. Please send portfolio. Having a car a strong plus!

The shoot will be a fun creative collaboration, and we’ll be happy to hear your ideas once we fill you in on the subject. I’ll be the photographer on this – hence the image above, in lieu of the real subject of the shoot, which you’ll soon find out.

Please write if you’re interested!

3 Responses to “Call for Volunteers: Issue 05 Shoot in Bay Area”

  1. Mwezzi Says:

    Just a note to say the links to the model and hair stylist both go to the model’s flickr. Are they one and the same, or is there a linkage error here?

  2. gooby Says:

    I can help, if you need? And I’ll see if Medina wants to do makeup? Call me, my phone ran away so I don’t have yer number no more..

  3. Nadya Says:

    Mwezzi, that was definitely “user error.” Fixed!

    Goobz, I didn’t see your post here. We’re good to go, but I’ll call you! I have a new phone, too.