Dramatic Reading of a Real Break-Up Letter

Is it just me, or is today full of uncertainty and hormonal angst? It’s probably just me. I hope it’s just me. But surely, we could all still use a good laugh. Here’s an OBG (Oldie But Goodie) that never fails to bring on schadenfreude-laced tears of hysterical laughter:

Via Kevin, thanks. Click here to see the letter itself embiggened.

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8 Responses to “Dramatic Reading of a Real Break-Up Letter”

  1. rowley Says:

    Can’t laugh. Reading too bad. Going to wash hands. 27 times.

  2. Comorbid Says:

    Ah, teen angst! Always there for a good laugh.

  3. Catherine Day Says:

    Hahaha this was fantastic

  4. Rick Says:

    Oh man, if he would have practiced that a bit more it would have been REALLY funny. As it is, it’s still pretty good.

  5. Mer Says:

    Rick, I actually think the fact that the dude is laughing makes it even better! It reminded me of Jon Stewart et al’s “dramatic reading” of The Day the Clown Cried.

  6. bairdduvessa Says:

    listening to this did anyone else picture Caboose from Red vs Blue?

  7. Encaitare Says:

    “You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons!”

  8. Tequila Says:

    She certainly told him.