“I’m bad… I’m a man… I HATE my penis.”

Well hello there!


Do you lack healthy boundaries? Are you guilty of the compulsive overshare? All-too-eager to share gory, palpating details with complete strangers that no one besides your own mother and/or proctologist would ever want to know?

Non-consensual boner anecdote-telling. Tactical uterus hurling in lieu of real intimate contact. The “I wasn’t breast fed enough so now I need to publicly air my personal anguish to feel properly nurtured and validated” power point presentation. “Cry For Help” cutting (across the street, not down the road). Cloaking references to life-shattering trauma in Obfuscating Yet Ominous Faerie Singsong™ (a Tori Amos patent).  “Fuck You Daddy, I’m a Suicide Girl Now!” blog posts. Spontaneous primal scream therapy in the supermarket. If you have ever attempted one or more of these maneuvers, chance are, you’re a TMI Avenger.

Relax. You’re among friends. And you’re gonna loooove Body Memories. A squirm-inducing, low budget film directed by the same fella who brought us one of the most fabulous independent documentaries of the decade, Body Memories is…

…one man’s journey inward to find meaning in his life. He becomes an archeologist of the soul, digging through the layers of his past. Evocative images blend with a riveting performance that uncovers family secrets and buried traumas.


(More clips under the cut.)

5 Responses to ““I’m bad… I’m a man… I HATE my penis.””

  1. Nadya Says:

    Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I’ve been waiting for this post for a long time now… I kept seeing it in the drafts and not clicking it, because I wanted to be surprised. I AM SURPRISED! And ASTOUNDED! And AMAZED! And… traumatized. And terrified. Because it reminds me of that one time. At school. In the locker room. With the science lab’s stolen supply of fetal pigs. OH GOD, Mer. Why did you make me go there? WHY? Get on AIM right now – I have so much to tell you!

  2. badluckshadow13 Says:

    I remember this from The Internet Is Terrible
    I’d never seen the other clips though! Hilariously terrifying…. I liked the conversation with the gun salesman, that shit was awesome. Splurge on your death damn it!
    Three year-old laying half-naked, sledgehammer, and is- oh! Wow…
    I had this guy figured all wrong, he’s obviously some sort of amazing surreal performance artist…
    “Oh god, whoever put humpty-dumpty together again?!”

  3. Molly Crabapple Says:

    Oh god- Primal Scream therepy! The skeeziest and most dubious thing in the dubious pond that is the 70’s

  4. johnny kowalski Says:

    I believe the tagline for Wayne’s World was something along the lines of “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl” – it seems applicable here.
    Christ, I’m almost lost for words, but I feel compelled to comment.
    That was total car crash stuff – you shouldn’t look but you can’t help but keep watching.
    Um, well done, I suppose, for finding another mind melting shocker from the depths of the internet. Another one to add to my list of “things I should never ever watch when I’m on psychedelic drugs”.

  5. lizzelizzel Says:

    Yikes, the love child of John Ritter and William Shatner.