Patrick Duffy And The Crab

I was torn over this post. You see, I’ve been suffering a bit of a blogging identity crisis. More and more I feel like I’m becoming “That guy who finds stuff on YouTube” which is fine, I suppose, if you’re looking to make a career as a human search engine, but maybe not so much if you’re trying to become a well rounded writer. On the other hand, human search engine could be an unfilled niche; something I could get into on the ground floor. Something less disastrous than my forays into hardcore mollusc pornography and fish whispering.

But enough about my self-doubts. It would behoove you all to watch Patrick Duffy and the Crab starting with the episode above in which Patrick and the crab discuss their first forays into the sexual arena. It’s full of insights into the worlds of fame, sex and the cultural fascination with the sexually predatory older woman. There’s a good reason for it, and it has nothing to do with sex.

via The Daily What

4 Responses to “Patrick Duffy And The Crab”

  1. haxor Says:

    Cheeseburgers probably don’t help you to become a well rounded writer but at least they make you well rounded.

  2. Internaut Says:

    So fun story: The human search engine exists. I actually work in One. We use various criteria for a uniformed system of tags and everything.

  3. Mer Says:

    Actually, I really respect what you were able to accomplish with JIFFY SQUID SEXCAPADES PART IV and BIVULVIA: CUTTLEFISH CUMBURPER. I know you guys didn’t have much of a production budget for those flicks.

  4. Marc Says:

    Being a human search engine wouldn’t be so bad..

    You would always have an action packed career as a late 90s era William Gibson character to fall back on…

    Perks of the job include a high chance of your narrative becoming entwined with that of an attractive young lady with choppy hair, amazing taste in jackets and powerful enemies.