Every boy needs a hero. Someone he can look up to. Someone whose life he can model his own after. Someone to give him hope. In a far off land in an unspecified time, health young Billy is going to bed. But before his grandfather turns off the light he decides to tell they boy a story. The story of Tarboy, an amalgam of all the poor robots crushed and driven before the implacable greed of their robot masters. Down there, in the black depths of the tar pools into which they have been discarded, their consciousnesses become one. A single mind bent on revenge wielding sticky, onyx fists.

Tarboy, created by James Lee and Hania, is a sterling example of flash animation. A brisk, epic short film, it is a perfectly packaged capsule of awesome. A fantastic robot flavored, afternoon pick-me-up.

4 Responses to “Tarboy”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Ross, I thought you hated robots!

    Having taught a class of Flash animation in 2003, I really wish I had this to show the kids back then. This was cute – very much inspired by Invader Zim. The best part was hands-down 1:13 – though I feel that it needed many more such moments. I’m also kind of confused about what happened at around 3:15-4:00. I think I get it, but what was your interpretation?

  2. bairdduvessa Says:

    wow what a great modern fairy tale, and what a wonder psychological insight of the posthumaism/cybernetic takeover nightmare question.

  3. R. Says:

    This was treat. Have to point some friends this way who will love this as much as I.

  4. Arsnof Says:

    I would like to put forth that Granbot is full of hooey and that jar contains nothing but his fetid old robot urine.