The Bestiaries Of Michelle Duckworth

Could’ve Been Anything, 2009

I am loving the work of Michelle Duckworth. Her pieces are beautiful in their simplicity, depicting strange worlds full of bizarre beasts equal parts human and animal. Her style is what really nails the whole thing together, featuring a clean, uniformity of line that calls to mind a woodblock print combined with a modern, cartoonish sensibility and a gorgeous, muted palette. She recently won a bookplate contest over at the always interesting A Journey Round My Skull and it’s easy to see why Will made the choice he did. Her style is almost tailor-made for the idea.

5 Responses to “The Bestiaries Of Michelle Duckworth”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hah, she was my best friend in high school. Small world. Her work has always been amazing.

  2. Ashbet Says:

    Very Bosch-ian — I love it!

  3. Kirk Says:

    HAHA Michelle and I spent many nights working our tails off at MCA. Not only does Michelle have more talent in her little finger than most artist, She’s also one of the funniest sweetest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to have been friends with =)

  4. Cactus Says:

  5. JNgaio Says:

    Oh lovely! Love the use of the woodgrain and the colours. Really lovely work.