“The Illusionists” series by Jared Joslin

As longtime readers will have surmised by now, Coilhouse has an excruciating artcrush on the entire Joslin clan. Gah! Hurts so good!

Just a quick head up to our readers in California: Jared Joslin’s latest exhibition, The Illusionists, opened tonight at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles. Channeling 1930s circus and carnival imagery, the ghostly allure of abandoned amusement parks, and the dusty stillness of velvet draped parlors, Jared’s series of new paintings conjure the conjurers.

The Illusionist © Jared Joslin. (Another stunning portrait of his wife and muse, artist Jessica Joslin!)

Jared’s wife, Jessica, whose own work was our biggest feature in Coilhouse Issue #01 (and who has since joined our staff roster, YIPPEEEEE) has been raving about this series for a while now:

This man is a magician. I’ve watched as each of these images has emerged, piece by piece, out of a pure white canvas. Once the eyes appear, they seem to take on a breathing life of their own. When they are finished, I can almost smell the air. In Shooting Gallery, it’s candied apples, popcorn, sawdust and the sharp tang of gun powder. In Fortune Teller, it’s incense and fading flowers, with a whiff of hay from a distant circus on the wind. Each piece brings you to a world that is seemingly of the past, yet so vividly rendered that it is timeless in its emotional resonance.

Mmmrrr. I’d give anything to see these in person. The Illusionists show also includes Carol Golemboski’s dreamy black and white photographs, and the mysterious photo montages of Liz Huston’s. Catch it between November 7th and December 19th at George Billis Gallery. Congrats, Jared!

Two more gorgeous paintings after the jump.

The Illusionist © Jared Joslin

Shooting Gallery© Jared Joslin

For more images, see Coilhouse’s post on Jared’s last show, Shadow of the Silver Moon, or clicky here.

5 Responses to ““The Illusionists” series by Jared Joslin”

  1. Iris Says:

    I was there last night. It might have been due to the fact that I was there early (or late) but the opening was a nice, quiet, event. Some of the paintings had black velvet curtains that were drawn before I left, but were open when I entered. I’m not sure what that meant, probably that the paintings were sold, but I thought that was an interesting way to go about it if that was the case.

    My favorite of Joslin’s paintings was one which is not pictured here, of a women and a man with a falcon on his arm. The woman is holding one of the man’s eyelids open with her thumb and forefinger. I, and the three other people who were with me, were quite drawn to it.

    Golomboski’s photos were also amazing. Very dark, with tentacles, and spirits, and other small eerie things which means you have to get up close to the pictures just so you can see what is going on. But once you bring your nose a few inches away, pow! Shadows and reflections turn into masks and anatomical drawings of human organs.

    I don’t know if this is possible, but if in the future contributors feel inclined to post about art events, it would be great to do so a few days before the opening so that people who often do not know what is going on might have a chance to go to the art opening in person and perhaps meet the artist and support them by buying their work.

  2. Mer Says:

    “I don’t know if this is possible, but if in the future contributors feel inclined to post about art events, it would be great to do so a few days before the opening…”

    Iris, that’s usually possible. It wasn’t this time. We did the best we could. :) Glad you enjoyed the reception! I really wish I could have been there myself.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Mer: Thank you oodles sweetie…the crush is mutual! *huge grin*

    Iris: Thank you so much for telling us a bit about the show! Unfortunately we were unable to make it out to LA, so it’s really wonderful to hear a few tidbits. The painting that you mention (with a falcon) is “Artist and Muse” a portrait of Jared and myself. http://www.jaredjoslin.com/jared/self/SELF06.htm The gesture of opening the eye is a reference to a rare eye condition that he’s afflicted with. I’m glad you enjoyed the show and my sincere apologies that the post was not online sooner! :)

  4. choklit Says:

    Mmmm – luminously brilliant. Thanks for the heads’ up. Perhaps I can catch it when I migrate south for Thanksgiving!

  5. Jessica Says:

    Thanks Choklit, I hope you can! :)