The Miniature Machines Of Szymon Klimek

Polish artist Szymon Klimek creates startlingly small models out of paper thin sheets of brass, which he displays in glass goblets. Even more astounding are his lilliputian, moving engines powered by the rays of the sun with the use of tiny solar panels. I have a raging nerd-on for work like this. I spent much of my youth attempting to hastily construct various types of models and miniatures. My lack of patience was a considerable hindrance, meaning that I left a long trail of shoddily painted plastic and wood behind me; amorphous piles of acrylic, enamel, and glue that in no way resembled the images that adorned their respective packages. One really must enjoy the process in order to construct magnificent pieces like Klimek’s and I, like many, am much more interested in the destination than the journey. I suppose that’s why they invented money.

via The Automata

3 Responses to “The Miniature Machines Of Szymon Klimek”

  1. Terra Trouve Says:

    that is literally one of the most beautiful constructions i have seen within my lifetime. what a horrible soundtrack though.

  2. Ross Rosenberg Says:


  3. Jessica Says:

    Totally nerd-on worthy!!!