Animutations by Aggeliki Vrettou

These hypnotizing animated collages were created by Greek animator Aggeliki Vrettou. Her biomechanical creatures appear to be propelled into motion by everything from electric kitchen appliances to living doll parts. In many cases, the animals’ anatomy is completed by other augmented animals, such as the rat “tail” of the horse above and the breathing apparatus on the muzzle of her animatronic seahorse. Her web presence consists of a MySpace page, where this series can be found, and a YouTube channel where she hosts some mesmerizing animated music videos created for the Greek indie electronic band Ion. Vrettou’s stunning animations vaguely remind me of the haunting animation/artwork associated with Mer’s musical project, The Parlour Trick, created by Scott Spencer (this itself may appear reminiscent of a Beats Antique cover, but predates it). If you’re looking at this post in an RSS reader, the images may not appear to be animated. Click here to see these animals (and others from this series) in full swing!

3 Responses to “Animutations by Aggeliki Vrettou”

  1. Zoetica Says:

    These are beautiful! Along with your mentions they also remind me of Claudia Drake

  2. Charlotta Says:

    Cool! Reminds me of Dan Hillier’s stuff

  3. Andrew Says:

    Let us not forget the original meaning of ‘animutation’, a type of animation that flourished earlier in the decade composed of a foreign song usually with fake english lyrics, random pop culture images and in-jokes, and lots of Colin Mochrie. (ex.: ). Sort of the 2002 equivalent of ‘youtube poop’.