BTC: It’s Firecracker Injury and Prevention Month*

*In the Philippines, online anyway.

Gotta wonder if the amount of celebratory explosive devices (bottle rockets, prescription squibs, ask sparklers) set off between now and Jan 2nd will decrease this year in the wake of airline shenanigans perpetrated by one Mister Sizzly Pants. Doubtful. We do so love to blow shit up.

Please, just play safe with the splodey stuff, comrades. At least try to be self-preserving, eh? Not like these guys:

Da banger in der bunger! (NSFW)


3 Responses to “BTC: It’s Firecracker Injury and Prevention Month*”

  1. Elise Says:

    I think I read a Harry Potter fanfic like this once.

    (scuse me, shaking and crying)

  2. Teri Says:

    In the ‘pines, fireworks is the least worrisome issue. Dozens of people die every year when police and military folk shoot their guns in the air in heavily populated areas to ring in the new year.

    It makes New York’s dropping of the ball look like a kiddie party.

  3. CgBeastie Says:

    I’ve seen this a million times and it still makes me laugh..