Gangsta Ford Ad from 1953

Just a late-night blogging of a beautiful print ad from 1953-54 for Ford Zephyr. Via Vintage Scans, where it’s lovingly presented with the tagline “Ford Zephyr: for the exceptionally well-dressed and positively fucksome bank robber.” Hat and suit by Ronald Paterson, a British fashion designer born in 1917 (and still alive today!) who later served as fashion consultant on such films as The Spy Who Loved Me. Another ad from the same campaign featured an elegant evening gown, also by Paterson (via 20th Century Ads).

8 Responses to “Gangsta Ford Ad from 1953”

  1. bairdduvessa Says:

    fucksome? what a marvelous word that you helped me discover tonight.

  2. Mer Says:

    Om nom nom nom.

  3. Renata Says:

    I don’t know which I like most the clothes or the car….

  4. Nzinga Says:

    gawd..that is LOVELY

  5. Slinka Says:

    That suit is exquisite.

  6. R. Says:

    That suit is simply wow. So is the car.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    I do not believe I’ve ever seen a firearm used as a highbrow fashion accessory before. It works. She’s gorgeous.

  8. Resonant Serpent Says:

    It’s a British ad. While the suit is stylish, it’s a typical hunting outfit for females at the time. The cap and feather is what gives it away. Still, a stunning ad.