Inflate Bra In Case Of Emergency

It could be said that women have, perhaps, not had a great time of it fashion-wise. Throughout the centuries the industry of clothing the second sex has produced bizarre and painful contraptions to push, pinch, and bind women into various, and oftentimes decidedly unnatural, shapes. Whether it be the lotus foot or high heals, corsets or neck rings there is a strange and morbid thread woven through mankind’s history.

Intermixed with this sadistic molding of flesh there is, of course, a fair share of positively ridiculous inventions designed to make all of this that much easier on the modern woman. Nowhere is this better evidenced that in the Frederick’s of Hollywood ad from 1960. Designed to accentuate the all important Bust, it proposes a simple inflation device; meaning that it supposes that women would take to inflating their bras like life rafts or water wings every morning, devoting precious time to shaping their already heaving bosoms into keen edged, yet pillowy, missiles. Of course the side effect of this is looking like the young lady in the upper left corner; surprised and chagrined when her lactation fetishist husband discovers and misinterprets her morning routine.

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8 Responses to “Inflate Bra In Case Of Emergency”

  1. Mer Says:


  2. Kitsune Says:

    This shoudl come back – its’ perfect for smuggling booze into clubs.

  3. Barton Says:

    While we’re on the topic, the 2009 Douchies are upon us including the award for Best Golden Globes:

    Sometimes offensive, generally hilarious, you should stop on over at HCwDBs for some trenchant analysis of one of the more mysterious phenomena of our times, the hottie/douchey dialectic.

    FWIW some post-feminist reflection on the Douchies might make for a decent Coilhouse article, and the nominees for Orangest Orange clearly make apt subjects for some advanced Misanthropolgy:

  4. Paul Komoda Says:

    The little hose gives them a Stillsuit vibe.

  5. Milja Says:

    I remember reading a story about a woman who wore these on an airplane. They kept expanding and if I remember correctly, exploded in the end.

  6. Tequila Says:

    @Kitsune…right on the nose that suggestion! Though I wonder if that’d be possible with a water bra. Hmmmm…..

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