Issue 04 on Sale Tomorrow! Cover Revealed!

At last! After days spent trembling in post-production anticipation, we’re unveiling the Coilhouse 04 cover. Words can scarcely express how happy we are to finally share a glimpse of our most ambitious issue yet.

Tomorrow, all Issue 04 articles will be revealed, and the magazine will go on sale. For now, huge congratulations to our cover girl, mysterious self-portrait artist Kristamas Klousch. Kristamas’ work is integral to the Coilhouse 04 concept and you can expect to see an array of her intensely haunting photographs nestled within the new pages.

Every issue, we try out a new visual effect in print. In Issue 02, we had a fold-out map. For Issue 03, we embossed the cover. This time around, we’ve experimented with a silver ink overlay. The tattered lace and title of the cover contain a subtle, frostbitten shimmer, as can be seen below.

We can’t wait to reveal the contents of this issue. Check back soon!

17 Responses to “Issue 04 on Sale Tomorrow! Cover Revealed!”

  1. Angeliska Says:

    I am panting in lustful anticipation!
    Can’t wait to have a copy in my hot little paws at last.
    What a perfect hexmas gift that will be!

  2. Shay Says:


  3. James Paterson Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  4. Tanya Says:

    So proud of you guys! WOOOT

  5. Alice Says:

    Can’t waaaaait~!

  6. Angela Hunt Says:


  7. Tequila Says:

    That’s a fantastic cover. Looks like this will be a stand out issue!

  8. Jessica Says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! WANT!!!

  9. choklit Says:

    Augh, so much lust in my heart. And I don’t think my advertiser’s copy comes until January. Oh, the humanity!

  10. R. Says:

    Nice. Now to stop my wallet from sobbing uncontrollably (especially after seeing the BPAL/Villainess soaps and the Grip Fast boots of my dreams). But I can justify this…Coilhouse is a visual powerhouse that will sate my hungry muse. There. Justified.

  11. Lili Says:

    hoo~ rah ! LONG LIVE COILHOUSE!

  12. Adam Says:

    Way to go, guys. You’re amazing. :)

  13. quasar Says:

    How many pages does the magazine have?

  14. Nadya Says:

    @qasar: 96.

  15. Ross Rosenberg Says:


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  17. Mollie Says:

    Ah, there’s something about nice, glossy images on paper that jpegs on the internet just can’t compete with. Ooo, and silver ink, fancy!