Lady Gaga For The Typeface Set

When I went to art school you could always tell the graphic design majors. They were always the well-dressed, well-groomed ladies and gentleman. Their clothes were unwrinkled and unstained; devoid of paint, charcoal, or bodily fluids. They had it together. It was only upon speaking with them that one was made aware that they had not slept in days, spending every waking moment creating a book of fonts that, they assured you were all quite different, despite what your eyes may tell you, Philistine.

Needless to say they were not the sort that would associate with a ne’er-do-well cartooning major like myself. These people had goals; they were going to get jobs, jobs that actually pertained to their field of study. They would be the ones who would pick the typeface for the books I read and insisted upon the inclusion of a short biography of said typeface near the back so that I would know just how this amazing evolution of the printed word came to be. They would lay out the magazine and brochures. They would make actual money. They would be able to eat on a regular basis. They may as well have been aliens.

It is for you, then, that I link this video. You will understand that this is no simple parody of Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”, a performer who is a parody already, thereby making this only a part of a Moebius strip of parodies. No, this is truly a love letter to the subtle, almost mythical realm of typeface; a realm whose various shades are so subtle that only the true master can decipher the alchemy involved. It is a fabulous ode to mean lines and baselines, descenders and ascenders, serifs and the lack thereof; replete with bow-ties and beards.

To the rest of you I apologize for the graphic design and Gaga, but not for the beards and bow-ties.

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20 Responses to “Lady Gaga For The Typeface Set”

  1. Michael Doyle Says:

    Best thing to happen to the internet since the invention of cats.

  2. Alysa Says:

    Oh wow, that was amazing.

  3. Nadya Says:

    Amazing. Wow.

  4. Mer Says:

    This is the most gloriously nerdy thing I’ve seen in ages. I’m dying over here. BRAVO.

  5. bleiu Says:

    I was feeling that if I heard Lady Gaga’s name one more time I’d gag but in this case I am able to hold my reflexes.

  6. Zoetica Says:

    Well plaid, sung, and, by Jove, danced. My hat’s off to you.

  7. Chris L Says:

    This is fantastic. “I thought about Futura but the n-space was too wide” !!! Or something. I don’t know enough about typography to catch all of their references.

    Lady Gaga is also fantastic. (Am I allowed to keep reading Coilhouse if I think that?)

  8. Vespers Says:

    That was fairly excellent

  9. Laura Says:

    Splendidly nerdy, sexy and hilarious. You lads just made my day, and my life thus far, complete. Huzzah!

  10. kendra Says:

    total graphical geekout. I love it! I was a graphics major..and one of them looks like a guy from one of my classes..creepy..but an awsome vid. Thank you

  11. Ken Says:

    Thank you for that. Bowties have never looked so good. I am off to inflict this on all my friends.

  12. Chuckallied Says:

    Best thing to happen to the Internet since tubes.

  13. miss morgan potts Says:

    Best thing to happen to the internet since cheezburgers.

  14. Bri Says:

    Aw, man! I use this font for almost everything, but now I’ll have to find something new or run the risk of being considered a design hipster.

    Or maybe the fact that I knew which font they were talking about is proof enough.

  15. type god Says:

    I’m shocked that no one has pointed out the incorrect pronunciation – it’s NOY-tra” rather than “NEW-tra”

    Kind of disappointing for supposed type geeks…

  16. Jessica Says:


  17. CKHB Says:


  18. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    type god – If you go to the YouTube page and read the description for the vid they admit to mispronouncing the name.

  19. lucindalee Says:

    hahaha. That was awesome. Typophiles, unite!

  20. Emily Says:

    OMG screw the goths. I’d like a nerd please.