Monica Cook’s Food Fights

You’d think that after the past, oh, six years on the internet, an image of human flesh mingling with cephalopods would scarcely register with a seasoned browser. It seems that time has finally proved that even the most devout of C’thulhu enthusiasts occasionally reach a tentacle limit. However, my deep, personal fear of web frigidity was dispelled with but a glance at the painting below.


Yes, I can still feel.

Monica Cook, a painter from Georgia, started out as a self-portraitist, moving on to other subjects several years into her career. Her earlier work is relatively sober, with solitary female figures peering and gesturing enigmatically from their canvas quarantines.  2009 marked a period of transformation for Monica, when she created a series of sexually-charged paintings for a solo show at Marcia Wood Gallery, titled Seeded and Soiled. Showcasing mostly-nude, slimy women in glimpses of bacchanalian orgies and a more commanding brush stroke, these paintings are in quite a contrast to the self-reflecting maidens of Cook’s earlier work.


Delightfully energetic and fetishistic, Seeded and Soiled covers everything from power exchange and food play to asphyxiation and foot fancy. Click the jump for two more pieces from the series and two bonus cephalo-phallic images by Monica Cook.





9 Responses to “Monica Cook’s Food Fights”

  1. Amber (Monk and Mao) Says:

    Hooooly shit. LOVE these. Now I know what I want for my birthday. More art! ♥

  2. Zoetica Says:

    Amber, same here! I would love a print of the top one I posted in the kitchen. Not my current kitchen, maybe, but a hypothetical future kitchen that’s much bigger.

  3. Damien Says:

    Oh… Oh wow. Hell yes.

  4. Fritz Bogott Says:

    Those paintings inspired the Suizokukan Building in Chiba City. Each apartment has shelves outside for your clothes, as apartments in other buildings have shelves outside for your shoes. Rooms are kept dim. Light is provided by glowing tanks of marine life. Dining, bathing and sleeping are done in a single slate-tiled room. Figs, cream, olives and eels are kept within easy reach of the bed. All ceilings have showers. All floors have drains.

  5. Mer Says:


  6. Michael Riess Says:

    Hmm. All of these women look like my lover. How lovely!

  7. rickie Says:

    they make me feel like eating noodles. and then throwing my noodles. noodles.

  8. S.I.D.E Says:

    totally amazing..I tought they were pictures : O

  9. Tequila Says:

    Every time I go back to these images I feel infinitely dirtier. Both mentally and in a strange way physically like I need a very hot shower.

    You can taste these paintings as you look at them.