Santa, NO! (The Tumblr Experience)


This holiday season, if you see one Tumblr blog, make it Santa, NO!*

“An advent calendar of unpleasant Santa antics, with the occasional uplifting/confusing Santa action shot.”


“Y’know, for kids.”

*Brought to you by the producers of THE FIVE FISTINGS OF SCIENCE and HOBO DARKSEID: THE MUSICAL.

8 Responses to “Santa, NO! (The Tumblr Experience)”

  1. Vivacious G Says:


  2. Tequila Says:

    Santa & Lightsabers. Help indeed.

  3. pi8you Says:

    I dunno, I think I prefer this one:

  4. Jessica Says:

    Dammit Mer…now I’ll have nightmares for sure. o_O

  5. Mer Says:

    pi8you, I am fairly certain that the Santa, NO! thread in Matt Fraction’s old webforum predates SS by quite a bit. Even the name is funnier! But in any case, we’re all about voicing alternatives here on Coilhouse. Let TIME Magazine herald the dominance of :D

  6. Santa, NO! The Tumblr Experience « Either/Or/Bored Says:

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  7. E.Bleak Says:

    The Slipknot fan group photo there reminds me all too much of when my mother forced me (under threat of no presents) to get a Santa picture taken every single year until I was 14, 6′ tall, and showing up in corpsepaint.

    That was an awkward Christmas card if I’ve ever seen one.

    Thanks for this, it’s basically the next best thing to the anti-holiday-stress Xanax that I’ve been craving. :\

  8. Erin Says:

    Some of these are amazing.

    I just can’t look at the ones at posted above, though. Must be some serious regression on my part, but I sometimes hate seeing things intended to be cute and innocent subverted this way. I can see how some of them seem creepy, but when it comes to santa I want to believe in the purity of their intentions. I want to belieeeeeve!

    It’s like when I was younger and getting to be too old for stuffed animals and my friends would come over to my house and throw my stuffed animals around, and I had to laugh and pretend it was okay, when I was secretly crying inside because they were being mean to my childhood animals. Sketchysantas makes me feel like that.

    Time for more therapy.