The Sex Offender Shuffle

I’ve been relatively free of the internet as of late, a state dictated by my having moved. Having finally reacquired a connection one can imagine the dismay I felt upon seeing the post directly beneath this one. Regardless of the article’s cathartic nature, a mere glimpse of that sour visage is enough to drive me to teeth-gnashing rage. Even now I hammer the keys with with unnecessary force.

In a bid to “get my mind right” and dispel any cloying vestiges of bratty whinging being passed off as philosophy I present this very special message from the Miami-Dade County Justice Department, circa 1988, who want you to know who the sex offenders are in your area. To that end, they created this spectacular video, and had these individuals spit some dope rhymes about their crimes. This may or may not be the work of comedian Scott Gairdner. Either way, fake or not, you should probably keep an eye on Sam. He’s a bit too enthusiastic.

6 Responses to “The Sex Offender Shuffle”

  1. Z Says: I ‘m just itchin to know what the fat guy did that they scrambled part of the video.

  2. Zoetica Says:


  3. J. Folgard Says:

    Brilliant! Mesmerizing..!

  4. Mer Says:


  5. Natasha Says:

    The fellow over here joined me in the watching of this post and was enthusiastic in reminding me of the Rapist Glasses video:
    And its sequel, Sex Criminal Fashions:

    Okieee… I wash my hands my hands of this creepiness!

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