The Simpsons Opening By Way Of Estonia

To those of you who live in Estonia or are of Estonian descent: please pardon my ignorance. Not only do I know next to nothing about your fine country but I can only fill this void with ridiculous and completely false information such as that your population is 54, illness 640 and your main exports are rocks and sex slaves. This is terrible and I will do my best to amend this grievous lack of knowledge. For example, sovaldi Wikipedia informs me that you are a Finnic people, shop which means that you enjoy an unfathomably difficult language. Good luck with that.

Also helpful is this wonderful parody for Estonia tv3, what I assume is one of at least three television channels in Estonia. It incorporates all the hallmarks of modern life in Estonia, like one room school houses, horse-drawn carriages, pigs heads, and toy stick horses. Of course it could all be a big ruse and, in fact, Estonia could be a nearly energy independent country with the most robust economy of the three Baltic states. Only the Estonians know for sure.

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8 Responses to “The Simpsons Opening By Way Of Estonia”

  1. nojah Says:

    this is embarrassing to watch, we are much more advanced than that:

  2. Ratatoskr Says:

    I think that’s great. Lighten up Nojah, it’s hardly really saying that Estonia is still in the dark ages. It’s more saying that Estonians have a good sense of fun and parody. I really don’t think anyone would genuinely watch that as a documentary.

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  3. cappy Says:

    Aye, Estonia is actually pretty cool — they stand up to Russia all the time on matters of cyber warfare.

  4. ottluuk Says:

    rocks and sex slaves’re us, yay! we also produce fine synthpop:

  5. Andriy Says:

    It made me laugh. I’m also fairly sure it’s intended to be self-deprecating; I’m going to guess that they’re sitting down the watch the news at the end? The credits seemed to have a similarity to the BBC News ones, if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

  6. Real Life Simpsons Intro from Estonia « Dead Homer Society Says:

    […] What is it with the former Soviet republics this week?  Hot on the heels of the “Samsonadzes” comes this kickass live action Simpsons opening from Estonian TV3 (via Coilhouse): […]

  7. Jan Says:

    I enjoy my pighead wery often, and it`s christmastime soon. We all know what that means up here! Sexslaves and a good game of tighslapping is on the way. By the way, about the exportarticles, the biggest exporters of rocks ar actually the norwegians who have nothing to do with their tunneling residue. Their biggest client is Bahrein, who use these rock to make their country bigger. That`s actually a fact. Check it up.

  8. Triin Says:

    I think it’s Estonian sense of humor. Take a look at the ‘Europe according to Estonians’ in Youtube. It’s a hit!