The Winter Stalker

Christmas is almost here, that dark time when a filthy, gluttonous fat man acts on a years worth of planning. He’s been watching, waiting, and now the moment has arrived.

“Hello Katie. I’ve been thinking about you. Did you know that? You’ve made my list.

My special list…”

The Winter Stalker comes from the twisted minds of artist Alex Pardee, writer/director Stephen Reedy, and the crew at Zerofriends

4 Responses to “The Winter Stalker”

  1. Io Says:

    You just made me not look forward to Xmas ever again.

  2. Nadya Says:

    Ross, we totally pushed down your post with our obnoxiously long Issue 04 promo, but just wanted to let you know that I watched this, and that it scared me. Thank heavens Santa doesn’t visit Jews, atheists or degenerates. I feel safe!

  3. Blodwedd Says:

    This is bloody fantastic! I *HAD* to share it with friends straight away!

    Thanks Coilhouse x

  4. Nzinga Says:

    What grown woman wants a cheap doll for xmas? I woulda been is this?! But I probably wouldn’t get anything at all for that reason.