Under The Sea

Fascinating and beautiful time-lapse footage of sea scavengers feasting upon the corpse of a seal in Antarctica. Part of the BBC series Life narrated, treatment as all nature documentaries should be, mind by Sir David Attenborough. You can see a higher quality version of this clip here.

8 Responses to “Under The Sea”

  1. Paul Komoda Says:

    I love this !
    All the swarming animals remind me of Bruce Bickford’s clay animation.
    Those worms are fairly nightmarish.

  2. la mome neant Says:

    how fascinating, I thought it was 3D.

  3. Mer Says:

    GLOOP GLORP FLURP this is gorgeous.

    Bruce Bickford, yes! Paul, I thought the exact same thing. Damn, that reminds me… I really gotta get a proper Bickford post up on da ‘Haus.

  4. Jaye Says:

    There’s an essay lurking in there somewhere, but all I can think of at the moment is “NOM, NOM, NOM!”

  5. lizzelizzel Says:


    David Attenborough suddenly sounds much older!

    I wish he was my third Grandpa.

  6. Emera Says:

    Man, I love nature documentaries. Amazing footage – I love all the subtle colors. I wonder how many times faster than realtime that was?

  7. Erin Says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. The way the sea stars move somehow reminds me of the worm circus from Sesame Street. And yes, all nature documentaries should be voiced by Sir David Attenborough… or possibly F. Murray Abraham. :D

  8. miss morgan potts Says:

    That was the most colourful decomposition ever.