BTC: An Anecdote of No Small Amusement

Ironically, one of the more quietly endearing moments from one of the most fascinating television shows of all time:

SO many reasons why this clip makes the heart glad. Where to start? Agent Cooper and Gordon Cole’s matching outfits? David Lynch’s oddball stentorian delivery? The quirky scrumptiousness of Shelley Johnson? Harry’s hangover? Log Lady’s grumpy wisdom? The sweet, cherry pie purity of it all? It was charming little scenes like these that made Twin Peaks’ darker, more surreal and confrontational moments all the more devastating.

Two thumbs up, and a cup of coffee, please. Black as midnight on a moonless night.

2 Responses to “BTC: An Anecdote of No Small Amusement”

  1. Fritz Bogott Says:

    Now that we know all about David Lynch’s meditation practice, I am imagining a new discipline called Transcendental Shouting, with a corresponding monastic discipline where initiates take a vow against silence. But then…if there’s a monastery then there should be a corresponding Shao Lin-like martial art. And if there’s a corresponding martial art, then there ought to be exploitation movies based on it. And if there are exploitation movies, then suit-n-trench-clad TS monks will eventually find themselves in a saloon facing off against Mieskuoro Hutajaat”. You grasp the potential…

  2. la mome neant Says:

    I had totally forgot about that sequence, thanks!!