Fräulein Ehrhardt: Equilibrium and Elasticity

In the past, I’ve talked about how, with a few bright exceptions, the term “fetish photography” has pretty much become an embarrassment in the past decade, about the pornographic banality that eventually killed risk-taking publications like Skin Two. In an alternate universe, Skin Two No. 64 just came out, and this was the cover. Balanced, graphic, authoritative – not too dissimilar from Irving Penn and vintage Vogue. Image by Fräulein Ehrhardt, modeling by Koneko.

6 Responses to “Fräulein Ehrhardt: Equilibrium and Elasticity”

  1. Ally Says:

    I love the black, white and red colour scheme married with the bold graphic outline – seems to be a nod to Constructivist aesthetics.

  2. David Forbes Says:

    I second this heartily. Fetish ≠ porn and the conflation of the two seems, at least to my untrained eyes, one of the more frustrating aspects of style these days.

    And hot damn, what an image.

  3. guesswho9 Says:

    When I first saw Equilibrium and elasticity together, All I could think of is Economics. Damn you revision for exam period! Errr corrupting my mind maybe? :)

  4. Luke Copping Says:

    Agreed, this is a classic, timeless image. Shows the fashion and the beauty inherent in the material, cut, design, and composition, rather than going for base titillation. This image is gorgeous and I think you reference to Penn is spot on. I wish more fetish photography could be as successful as this.

  5. rainer Says:

    I can not agree more.

  6. Nadya Says:

    ECON! guesswho9, I took an AP Econ class in high school and it all just came back to me, thanks to your comment. Supply! Demand! GDP! Guns and butter! Good times… not really. Good luck on your exam.