“You Look Familiar” By Team William

The video for You Look Familiar, the single from Belgian’s Team William, featuring — as DRAWN!’s John Martz points out — some fantastic and decidedly Fleischer-esque visuals by the directing duo Joris Bergmans and Michélé De Feudis. The song’s not bad either.

3 Responses to ““You Look Familiar” By Team William”

  1. Mer Says:

    Oh, this is so charming! I wonder how long it took the animators to finish it… looks like it must have been several months. Even though computers are speeding up the animating process, that’s a really elaborate, fastidious piece o’ work!

  2. Infamous Amos Says:

    I love this animation style. Seeing stuff like this always gives me the creepy warm fuzzies, or as I call them, ‘The Warm Cruzzies’.

    It also really makes me want to watch the Squirrel Nut Zippers video for The Ghost of Stephen Foster again.


  3. Eiríkr Says:

    Classically goofy cartoons. Something in it reminds me of the work of Cayetano Garza Jr over at the Magic Inkwell.