BTC: The Filthy Monkey, It Smokes

The YouTube channel of Michael and Maria Start is chock full of intricate, whimsical, and occasionally very creepy vintage automatons. Here’s a playlist of several of them:

Something about that first clip –featuring a dignified chain-smoking primate puffing away to a slightly drunken rendition of “Air on a G-String”– reminds me of our cherished Uncle Warren. It’s his birthday today (edit: er, in New Zealand… more likely tomorrow where you are). Go give the man some love, comrades. Maybe a foot-rub and some single malt scotch, or the still-beating heart of a virgin goatherd.

7 Responses to “BTC: The Filthy Monkey, It Smokes”

  1. miss morgan potts Says:

    The eerie music-box tunes perfectly captured the creepy antique feel of those things. Uncanny valley indeed…

  2. Buchu Says:

    It’s like they raided J.F. Sebastian’s loft.

  3. lizzelizzel Says:

    What Miss Morgan said!

  4. Binnorie Says:

    What Buchu said! I suddenly have the urge to watch Bladerunner.

  5. Jessica Says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Arcko Says:

    I am not sure which one is creepier. Maybe the harpist with cold, hollow eyes and wire limbs which appears more to be cradling the distant memory of an infant or the floating cat heads that are reminiscent of Japanese Yokai, ready to teach a lesson to those not adhering to some ancient cat in barrel ritual.

    Poor Warren..

  7. Bri Says:

    What a bunch of lushes bears are, always drinking!

    Although it seems that monkeys have their vices as well.