The Photography Of Amy Stein

Amy Stein’s photography is stuck somewhere between found and posed. Her subjects, no doubt interrupted while going about their routine, are nevertheless mugging for the camera, that wonderful grain giving each image the quality of a item found in a box at a garage sail. They occupy that perfect intersection between real and manufactured that only photography seems to be comfortable with; and so perfectly framed, so delightfully exacting, that they almost cannot fail to charm the viewer.

2 Responses to “The Photography Of Amy Stein”

  1. dr.hypercube Says:

    I heard her speak along with wildlife biologist Stephen DeStefano at the Harvard Museum of Natural History tow weekends ago. Her show there is well worth the trip.

  2. dr.hypercube Says:

    …and some thoughts on Domesticated plus a link to a video of the HMNH discussion here.