If anything Henrik Sønniksen’s Vegeterrible enforces my hatred for and distrust of the Avacado. With skin like pleather and innards the color and texture of fetid library paste, they are a Horrid and Awful produce. Deep down they are all rotten. Deep down, they are all monsters.

via DRAWN!

6 Responses to “Vegeterrible”

  1. S-I-D-E Says:

    ahaha que bueno XD ! bueno bonito baratooo ♥

  2. Tequila Says:

    The Avocado is perfect. PERFECT. Any attempts to sully its good name will be met with force! Okay maybe not force but a mean glare for sure. They make everything taste better. EVERYTHING.

    Great little short.

  3. Dave L. Says:

    I’m with Ross on this one. Never trust a vegetable that’s squishy BEFORE you mash it.

    Word up to the cherry tomato being hardcore enough to chug an entire bottle of tequila in one go, as well.

  4. Pigskin Pete Says:

    Without avacados, there is no guacamole. Without guacamole, life is a cruel, cruel pantomime.

    Viva la avacado!

  5. Fritz Bogott Says:

    You will of course have read Daniel Pinkwater’s “The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death,” in which avocados are revealed to be sinister mind-control devices from outer space bent on turning us all into real-estate agents. (This has already happened, QED)

  6. entropy Says:

    I thought avocados were fruits? It has a seed in it. Or as my mom once refered to it: A “bone”, ha ha. Seriously, avocados are a superfood. Where else do you get healthy fats? I can only think of two: coconut. and nuts/seeds (but those can’t be roasted and need to be soaked in water so their enzymes are activated). Anyway, I recommend eating a couple each week…