Andrew Chase’s Metal Mammals

I’m really not sure what I have to say to properly convey the danger of robots to you people. Really, at this point I feel that the risks should be self-evident; but almost on a daily basis I am proven wrong. You just do not seem to understand where this road leads to and my words appear impotent, unable to realize the dark future I see should mankind continue down this path towards sentient mechanical beings.

And yet, I find myself unable to just give up. Someone has to be the voice of reason, if only to be able to point out that they told you so; and that person might as well be me if only because I like being right and I am an accomplished pointer, if I do say so myself. With that in mind follow my index finger and gaze in horror and wonder at the sculptures of Andrew Chase. Chase, unlike most who crusade for our demise by automatons, has his sights set squarely on the animal kingdom, making him, perhaps, even more despicable — for what kind of man would set such a plague upon the beasts of the Earth, innocent and pure as they are? Chase has no such qualms, creating giant, lumbering steel pachyderms and lithe, gear-driven, and indefatigable cheetahs. The savannas of the future will be occupied by metal giraffes, wading through the corpses of extinct fauna to hunt down the last of humanity with laser eyes under a smog-choked and blackened sky, mark my words.

And you’ll have only yourselves — and Andrew Chase — to blame.

via Bioephemera

3 Responses to “Andrew Chase’s Metal Mammals”

  1. Guely Says:

    Got one word: Soroyama

  2. Zoetica Says:

    I need these to be actual robots! Like this! But these are posable sculptures, which is, yes, still cool, but just imagine all the horrifying possibilities of MOTION.

  3. Tequila Says:

    I’ve been looking at these off an on since this was posted and keep being blown away by the detail and workmanship. Skill level aside though the way he managed to capture the animals personality in metal is what I enjoyed the most. The elephant continues to fascinate, since he got the bulk and mass so well.

    Part of me wants these to move but at the same time…I like that they are still and able to be enjoyed without movement.

    Seeing these in motion would be pretty awesome though…dear science, get on it, make these mechanical beasts a reality!