BTC: Russkie Ragamuffin Rokk n Rollink


If there is indeed a heaven, treatment and Hasil Adkins and Lux Interior are hanging out together on some leopard-print porch swing up there, how much do you want to bet they play “rock, paper, shotgun” every morning to decide who gets the honor of guardian angel duty for this fella?

13 Responses to “BTC: Russkie Ragamuffin Rokk n Rollink”

  1. Allie Says:

    that. makes. me. so. happy.

  2. Jessica Says:

    ME TOOOOO!!!

  3. kendra Says:

    that guy rocks: one heck of a guitar player.

  4. Marina Galperina Says:

    Da. Da. Da. Da. Da.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Holy wow. I want this guy to sing me awake every morning.

  6. Mer Says:

    I know, right?! ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Zoetica Says:

    He IS punk rock, personified.

  8. Annie Says:

    Thank you for that heaven image! I wanna be on that porch swing.

  9. Fritz Bogott Says:

    Any heaven without those three isn’t worthy of the name.

  10. Gr8scot Says:

    Somebody sign him to a record deal. Like the guitar rhythm..but if he came to the states they would auto-tune him.

  11. Mickie Rat Says:

    I dub him the Legendary Stardust Comrade. Amazing. Not only does he totally rock, but he can play guitar while holding a bag! He makes me want to go listen to the Red Elvises now. I wanna put out a record for him! <3

  12. Alex Says:

    Ебашит дядька. Best rock music i heard this week)

  13. Natasha Says:

    I know I’m late is replying but this guy is AWESOME =D