Heatswell: Advertising That Touches You

If hundreds of pages of Philip K. Dick have taught me anything it’s that in the inevitable overpopulated, smoggy, and rain soaked future advertising will be everywhere. Surrounded by it, we will be assaulted by high-tech neon shillery to the point of utter desensitization. Advertisers will have to think up increasingly invasive ways to grab the attention of eyeballs shielded by shiny, all-weather sunglasses and absurd personal computer visors. Short of implanting the desire for a particular product directly into our cerebellums with a biochemical cocktail delivered by evil looking needles, they will no doubt turn to something akin to what is on display here in this video by Scott Amron.

Bypassing the optic route all together, Amron advocates a more tactile approach; his beverage container swelling with protuberances in an allergic reaction to hot liquid, pushing their tumescent ridges into the palm of the purchaser’s hand, creasing it with ad-man braille. Coffee clenched in hand it is all you can do to keep from shrieking as it gropes you. Unable to tear you away from the horrid alien porn displayed on your visor screen while you wait for the bus the next step is no doubt to simply envelop your extremity and forcibly drag you away to some previously unknown destination to buy jeans.

via core77

4 Responses to “Heatswell: Advertising That Touches You”

  1. Lars Says:


    I would drop that shit and run, no lie.

  2. Tequila Says:

    Reminds me of a gimmicky science project. Still the idea of touch as part of advertising seems like a much neglected and key part of anything related to the future. We’re getting quite good at ignoring much of the noise we see around us as is. With so much focus on sanitation on so many products we hardly really feel much of what we interact with. Taste of course but I see so many instantly reach for a napkin so they don’t have to touch something as innocent as a cookie. It would be nice if the advertising we see would be touched or enjoyed beyond sight & sound. More so when the product in question does not really rely on those senses to begin with.

  3. scarygirl Says:

    Seriously if I saw my early-morning tea cup swelling and undulating like that I think I’d have a nervous breakdown.

  4. Nadya Says:

    OOOH – it says at the end that you can order a sample! WANT.