Mythology By Caitlin Hackett

Caitlin Hackett’s work is a lush stew of the beautiful, grotesque, and fantastic; pulling from a wide spectrum of myths and fairy tales. Mostly rendered with ballpoint pens and watercolors, it exhibits a level of detail that I find irresistible.

via Phantasmaphile

6 Responses to “Mythology By Caitlin Hackett”

  1. Phantasmaphile Says:

    Glad you dig. She’s got a show up here in NYC through March 9th at White Rabbit, curated by Samantha Levin & Danielle Ezzo of Anagnorisis.

  2. Danae Says:

    proud to see an arcata homegrown artist here. she’s blossomed to incredible heights. well done.

  3. Tertiary Says:

    Those are utterly gorgeous. Amazing work.

  4. Mer Says:

    Her work is so beautiful, it hurts my heart.

  5. Binnorie Says:

    Oh, yay! Caity’s work stunned me instantly when I first saw it. You might be interested to know that the bottom image, “In the Aftermath,” is an approx. 4’x5′ large! The top one, which is untitled, is also around 4’x4′. Apparently she’s got a lovely huge work in development in her studio that I’m dying to see!

  6. Art lover Says:

    Caitlin Hackett is such an amazing new talent. I have several of her works on my wall, and every day I am struck by the power and depth of her art.