Ron Pippin’s Biomechanical Menagerie

In a earlier, simpler time I would describe Ron Pippin’s work as “steampunk” for featuring as it does, bits and baubles comprised of brass and glass, replete with olde looking labels. No! That is wrong. We don’t do that anymore.

That said, Pippin’s work is bad-ass, featuring as it does evil looking machinery bonded to animals, turning them into bizarre and beautiful biomechanoids; cyborg mammals found wandering through steel forests. His portfolio also happens to feature a fair number of complex and mysterious specimen boxes which one can never have too many of.

7 Responses to “Ron Pippin’s Biomechanical Menagerie”

  1. mlle ghoul Says:

    “No! That is wrong. We don’t do that anymore. ”

    Hee! And yes!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    wow…..that is amazing.

    yes please!

  3. Elise Says:

    Reminds me of another artist I frequent: “…it’s not steampunk, dammit.”

    I cannot stop staring at that animal-thing’s knees.

  4. Binnorie Says:

    Wow! I’ve seen his smaller work at Obsolete in Los Angeles, but these go way beyond!!

  5. Jessica Says:


  6. satsumabug Says:

    Amazing and intricate.

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