Sweet Excess: Rococo Cookies by Amber Spiegel

These cookies first made a cameo appearance (YOU SEE WHAT I DID THAR?) over at our now-closed Tea & Cookies with Coilhouse Q&A session at Whitechapel, prescription but I feel that they deserve to be immortalized on the blog as well. The cookies are crafted by Chicago-based Amber Spiegel. Amber sometimes sells batches of her cookies at her SweetAmbs shop on Etsy, but currently, her shop is on hiatus. However, you can still see the cookies in full glory over at her blog! Monogrammed cookies. Brush embroidery cookies. Edible cameos. Tea set, antique shoe, ballet slipper, Houndstooth pattern and polka dot button cookies. In addition to the cookies, Amber chronicles her experiments in cake decorating and occasionally shares recipes, such as this one for cocoa meringues. A sight for sore eyes!

8 Responses to “Sweet Excess: Rococo Cookies by Amber Spiegel”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    OH DEAR GAWD, i could not EAT them. Just too perfect.

  2. Tequila Says:

    They look good enough to not eat. This coming from a cookie fiend like myself is a high honor.

    They’d look good on a wall. MMmmMMmm a cookie covered wall.

  3. selizabeth Says:

    Those are amazing…the Brush Embroidery variety are beyond exquisite.

  4. Marina Galperina Says:

    Mmm… rococookies…

  5. John G Says:

    As sugary confections they look tasty enough. But aesthetically and culturally they make me feel constipated and nauseous. These lacy, aristocratic bakery goods are closer to the QE2 Silver Jubilee than the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” and thus seem mightily incongruous with the overall theme of this blog. I know fashion and design are also part of the Coilhouse experience — but these cookies are just too redolent of teatime at the House of Lords without any subcultural comment or insight. Bah!

  6. Nadya Says:

    Awww. Pooped on for a post about cookies.

    John G, you may not like my taste, but I defend this post’s relevance to this blog. Amber is one person, an Etsy seller who makes something unique, clearly putting her heart into it. If these cookies were manufactured by the likes of Oreo and Nabisco, maybe I wouldn’t have posted them (though I still would’ve enjoyed seeing them.) We’re obsessed with Ye Olde shit of all stripes – Victorian, Rococo, the 60s, etc. This discussion reminds me of the one we had on Mer’s Jenyne Butterfly post about whether or not the clip she liked was “alt enough” to post. What it comes down to is that I like something that you consider very gaudy – and that’s OK with me. But chastising us for not posting something relevant enough on a blog that we created, and have maintained for years? C’mon.

  7. Tequila Says:

    A big theme with Punk was DIY.

    This particular Etsy seller is a do it herself pastry artist so she’s closer to the Sex Pistols in spirit than the House of Lords by a mile (they don’t even eat cookies as they are fueled by the tears and crushed dreams of the lower classes.)

    @Nadya…You made very pretty cookies controversial. That takes talent my friend. Kudos to you. ;)

    Next up for debate…Rococo-Cupcakes. Decadent delights or symbols of delicious oppression???!!!

  8. Nadya Says:

    “cookies… fueled by the tears and crushed dreams of the lower classes”