Where to Find Issue 04

Issue 04, photographed by Siege

We’ve gotten a lot of emails asking where to find Issue 04 since it sold out in January on our site, so we’d like to make a courtesy post for all you guys who missed out. While it’s sold out forever here at our shop and at the Wildilocks shop (for Australian residents), and while we don’t see a reprint in the near future, you still have two options for getting this issue before it disappears:

  1. Get thee to the nearest Borders or Barnes & Noble, where it should still be on the stands (but not for long). Here’s the complete list of stores that stock this issue. We suggest calling the stores in advance, because the copies might be gone. Or they might not! My parents just told me that the saw four of them sitting on a shelf at one in Jersey, for example.
  2. Issue 04 does occasionally appear on Ebay. However, that’s not your cheapest option. We’ve seen their price on Ebay fluctuate between $20 and $30 in the past month. We have no control over who sells them on Ebay, or what they set their prices to. But for anyone interested, there’s currently one going for a “Buy It Now” price of $29.99 from seller viciouslyfun.

A lot of people have asked if future issues of Coilhouse are going to be stocked by independently-owned bookstores such as Trident in Boston, Quimby’s in Chicago, Atomic Books in Baltimore, and other mom-and-pop/campus bookshops. The answer is YES! You’ll be able to find our upcoming Issue 05 in all those stores, and we’ll post a list of them as we get nearer to the publication date.

12 Responses to “Where to Find Issue 04”

  1. Merveilleuse Says:

    Good! I was beginning to fret – I hadn’t been able to find it at my local Borders (who had previously carried it) and Paypal problems prevented me from buying it online. I just called and reserved my copy at a faraway Barnes & Noble. Thanks!

  2. Joseph Says:

    oh yes! just saw my local BN on the list. Wednesday (or thursday. or possibly friday) it shall be mine!

  3. Kate Says:

    You have no idea how pissed I am that the Barnes and Noble across the street from me doesn’t carry it. The lady in charge of the magazines there was pretty damn rude when I asked her about it, too. Fooey.

  4. Nadya Says:

    Aww! Kate, if it makes you feel any better, I had the same exact experience. We’re really hoping to widen distribution in time for Issue 05, so that you can find it locally with greater ease!

  5. Andriy Says:

    Are there any plans to get it released in the UK at any point in the future? I kinda feel a bit left out.

  6. Nadya Says:

    Andriy, we are working with our distributor to get them into more stores in the UK, yes! We don’t know if it’s going to happen by Issue 05, but it’s definitely on the agenda.

  7. Adriano1977 Says:

    Hi Nadya,
    I have been one of the lucky few to be able to buy #4 directly from the website. Living in Germany, there really isn’t much more choice :-)
    Which brings me to the question: Would you consider a newsletter/mailing list of sorts, at least to announce the new releases? Maybe your regular audience wouldn’t like this sort of marketing, but I wouldn’t mind for one.
    And if you ever feel like releasing #1-2 again, even if only in digital form… And if you could do a rounded-corners digital edition of those… ! But I’m getting carried away… :-)

  8. Nadya Says:

    Adriano, that is a GREAT idea. We will set up a mailing list. Give me a few, I’ll set one up! Hoping to get that done in the next week. There shall be a blog post.

  9. mattson Says:

    and just when i thought i wasn’t going to get mine…
    all it took was braving a local mall! Yaaaay!
    so nice to hold in the hands

  10. Eso Says:

    Barnes and Noble almost always has the new issue in stock, though they rarely know that it’s actually there. My advice is to ignore the staff entirely and just look for yourself. The same can be said for my girlfriend’s Gothic Lolita Bibles, which the store insists are not in stock, despite having half a shelf full of them.

  11. alumiere Says:

    I’ve bought all four issues online, and they’re gorgeous. But I literally cannot read the text in most of the articles. Any chance of making a .pdf text file available to those of us who are vision impaired and provide proof of purchase?

    I know the font size is what allows you to put so much gorgeous art; so many features in each issue, but it drives me crazy to not be able to read the interviews, etc. A .pdf or something that we can blow up onscreen seems like a solution that wouldn’t be to complicated and would make the magazine more accessible.

  12. Ciaran Says:

    Ooohhh, I’m so upset to find this out.
    I was away from my computer for the last two months and I’ve bought all 3 other issues as they came up! I’m nowhere near where these get sold in stores but I absolutely love the magazine.

    I hope there is a reprint eventually because I’d hate to have my collection incomplete!