“Animals Doing People Things” by Teagan White

Meet Teagan White, a 20-year-old Minneapois-based college sophomore originally from Chicago. Her work is the visual equivalent of warm milk and madeleines before bed. It has the same calming effect on me as Amy Ross, Finn Family Moomintroll, and Gnomes by Will Huygen/Rien Poortvliet.

Pictured here are some of Teagan’s illustrations on the topic of “animals doing people things,” inspired by J.J. Grandville‚Äôs animal art. After the cut, a motley assortment of favorites, taken from Teagan’s site and her blog. In addition to illustration and fine art, Teagan is also a typographer, sculptor and graphic designer. So young, so talented! One to watch. In fact, watch closely, because Miss Teagan will be collaborating with Coilhouse on something unique in the very near future. You heard it here first! Stay tuned.

3 Responses to ““Animals Doing People Things” by Teagan White”

  1. V. Blame Says:

    For a moment there, I thought image #5 was telling me about the Persian I love.

    Brief confusion aside, these are beautiful.

  2. Arthi Says:

    The wombat is my favorite – so adorable.

  3. Katew Says:

    Animals Doing People Things is my favorite kind of art and this is amazing!