Miroslaw Swietek / Bedewelled Insects

These astonishing macros of snoozing insects covered in dew were shot by amateur photographer Miroslaw Swietek, ask between 3am and 4am in a forest near his home in the village of Jaroszow, Poland. Swietek only took up photography two years ago, at 35 years of age. Using a flashlight, he “hunts out the motionless bugs in the darkness before setting up his camera and flash just millimetres from them.” More beautiful images of diamond-like, dewy bugs at MailOnline.

5 Responses to “Miroslaw Swietek / Bedewelled Insects”

  1. Jessica Says:


  2. Vivacious_G Says:

    bee YOO tee full.

  3. I have a hummingbird at my feeder that has something wrapped on it’s beak. Looks like black plastic ? Says:

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  4. Seth Says:

    Fun word of the day! Ommatidea. “How’s your ommatidea today?” “Why, my ommatidea’s fine, thank you.” Man it would kick ass to have faceted eyes.

  5. Jim D'Amato Says:

    Wow. These are amazing.