BTC: Whippit, Whippit Good

G’morning, loves. Forgive me, for my eyes are bleeding and my brain is fried, and all you’re getting for breakfast is N2O:

This image just mysteriously showed up on my portable hard drive. No idea where it came from. It appears to be vintage packaging for nitrous cannisters, ostensibly used for whipping cream. But judging by the blonde’s glassy-eyed, idiotic stare, the gas may have been used for more, um, unsavory recreational purposes.

2 Responses to “BTC: Whippit, Whippit Good”

  1. taphead Says:

    At least the pricetag is Finnish. I don’t think we’ve even had Centrum strores in decades…

  2. joasakura Says:

    I’m slightly freaked out because I looked EXACTLY like that top pic when I was like, 7. Sans whipped cream and nitrous cannister, but still.

    (I’m adopted, so whenever I see something like that I think, holy crap, is that a relative?)