Coilhouse Media Kit: Bloopers and Deleted Scenes

Okay, you know the 2010 Media Kit and Big Coilhouse News that we’ve been promising you since last week? Well, turns out we’re going to have to make you all wait one more day (this news is worth the wait, though, we promise!). Tabulating the survey results has taken more time than we anticipated. Here’s a screenshot of what the process looks like in Excel.  While we finish up the media kit, allow me to entertain you with six graphs and pie charts that we’ve created so far. Some of this will be in tomorrow’s media kit, some of it is a blog exclusive!

This was in response to the question “what country do you live in? Some fun facts:

  • Six respondents included their state in the answer. Two of them were from California, and the other four were from Texas. No one else indicated a home state.
  • Six respondents wrote in “USA! USA! USA!”  Three respondents wrote in “USA! USA!”
  • The eight readers who wrote in from The Nertherlands are highly encouraged to attend the OK Festival that we just blogged about.
  • Other top countries included Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, China, Croatia, Finland and Singapore

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This was in response to the question, “do you have a creative pursuit that you’re extremely passionate about?”

  • 116 creative pursuits were listed
  • The chart above indicates the Top 16 creative pursuits. The next most popular pursuits, in order of popularity, were: knitting, sewing, animation, blogging, singing, costume design, jewelry, videography,  acting, electronic music, guitar, sculpture, baking, web design, book binding, cloth design, digital art, gardening, printing, theatre and aerials
  • Some of less popular creative pursuits included: ceremonial magick, spinning poi, papercraft, math (“pure mathematics is eminently creative”), hardware engineering, typography, haberdashery and swimming

This was in response to the “What are your favorite magazines?” question:

  • Most indicated that Coilhouse was their favorite magazine. Aww, you guys! *squish*
  • The graph above indicates the Top 12 favorite magazines. The runners-up that didn’t make it into the chart, in order of the number of people who indicated that they were favorite magazines, were: Filament, Adbusters, Edge, Esquire, Fortean Times, Zink, Cabinet, Der Spiegel, Dwell and Elegy.

This was in response to the question “how much do you make?”

  • The top-earning respondents were equally split between male and female
  • 9% of respondents (not included in the graph above) indicated that they were students or unemployed
  • The media kit will include a more granular breakdown of salary

This was in response to the gender question.

  • Of the people who used the term cisgender, 2 were male and 7 were female
  • Most creative female write-in: “Vagina Wielder”
  • Best creative male write-in:  “Male humanoid construct”

The question you’ve all been waiting for. Here it is. A couple of write-in responses were:

  • “Aren’t you supposed to buy me a drink first?”
  • “Briefs on me, boxers on me, nothing left for the dude, oh no!”
  • “Boxers you sick stalker fucks :p”
  • “Underoos, preferably with Star Wars, Batman or dinosaurs on them. “
  • “uh, PC”
  • “Princesse Tam Tam and Agent Provocateur.”
  • “Panties. Though I really dislike the word ‘panties’
  • “If any of you figure out which Coilhouse writer I am, you’ll either be delighted or appalled to know I rock it commando-style, and have since grade school, baby.”


6 Responses to “Coilhouse Media Kit: Bloopers and Deleted Scenes”

  1. seedymckenzie Says:

    This post fills me with gladness – I feel like swinging from the rafters cying “I am not alone”! For the longest time I had I feared that, here at the butt end of the world, there were no others who shared the illicit lust. I’d whisper, “Coilhouse” in suspect ears, anticipating a twinkle of recognition – but to no avail. But now , a glimpse of the beast! What comfort to know there are other New Zealanders out there, no doubt squandering billable hours this very moment on the House of Coil. What a relief. The beast has a butt.

  2. Tequila Says:

    “The beast has a butt.”

    I dunno how the official heads feel but THAT should really be the tag line on the next official Coilhouse t-shirt.

  3. Mer Says:


    Nadyerz and Zobotinkle, and everyone who took the time to complete our wacky survey, I hug you all to bits. This entire survey process has given me the warm fuzzies, and how.

    We are lucky beasties to entertain such a diverse, deeply intelligent, good-humored readership.

    And yes, “The Beast Has A Butt” deserves to be a song title, at the very least. Cheers.

  4. Ben Johnson Says:

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who put “game design” as a creative pursuit. Who wants to make something?

  5. @Ben Johnson Says:

    Make me a Final Fantasy Tactics clone! For free!

  6. Zoetica Says:

    Better words were never spoken.