Devendra Banhart: Foolin’ You Into Submission

Posting this here was preceded by a long, arduous internal debate. It’s true that I’m far from a Devendra Banhart fan. In fact, I’m fairly allergic to just about everything  I’ve seen of him, little as that may be. Until this video, that is. Taking a big step away from his neo-flower-child-meets-Castro-Jesus look, Devendra, along with director Isaiah Seret, made a video for the song Foolin’ that pays tribute to tender man-love, old school pulp films, as well as to their biggest fan ever, Tarantino. What I love most about it is the fact that it shows a heavy S&M relationship in a positive, humorous, light. It’s just so darn happy-making, I can’t help myself!

Marking this NSFW for gratuitous use of bloodied butt-crack, sexy violence, and dangerous thongs. Dig it:

[Thanks, Whitechapel]

8 Responses to “Devendra Banhart: Foolin’ You Into Submission”

  1. Lo Zephyr Says:

    How deliciously deviant! Devendra’s face is a perfect mixture of indifference and longing throughout the video. Very outside of his visual comfort zone.

  2. Mer Says:

    “In fact, I’m fairly allergic to just about everything I’ve seen of him, little as that may be. ”


    This is sweet. Although the mere thought of digit removal always makes me incredible panicky. Musicians, we needs our pinkies more than many, if not most!

  3. Zoetica Says:

    I was vaguely intrigued when I saw this image a couple of years ago:

    And then…


  4. Jamie Says:

    This is really great! The finger thing was a bit much, I thought, but other than that it was fun and kind of sweet.

  5. KEvin Says:

    Oh Natalie Portman…

  6. Mer Says:

    Aww. Yeah, I LOVE that photo of Devendra done up like a Ziegfeld gal. I also love the fella’s sense of humor. He has an all-harmonium Joni Mitchell tribute band called Droney Mitchell. At times, his lyrics can be downright brilliant: “I’m scared of being born again/ If it’s in this form again”. I hope he hasn’t peaked, and doesn’t coast on/buy into his own hype overly much, because his potential to push further and higher and better is immense. I think this music video is evidence of that. :-)

  7. Tequila Says:

    I enjoy Flower Child Castro Jesus quite a bit. I don’t take him quite as seriously as some of his, shall way “passionate” fans though. There is a mix of healthy fun in all his videos.This one has such charm to it though it’s pretty sweet overall. Great marriage of sound & images. There have been many videos that try to do something like this but fail readily when one part takes over the other. M.I.A’s latest video being a prime example of that. Hope more people see this and more importantly see the BDSM elements in a new more positive way.

    My favorite though of Flower Child Castro Jesus is actually this little bit shot for Be Here To Love Me:

    @Zo…What’s wrong with the second pic? I drink my coffee like that EVERY day! Only my headdress is made from used coffee filters.

    @Mer…He’s remained surprisingly on point with whatever he happens to be interested in musically. I honestly thought all the critical praise and attention would have drowned any humor he had long ago. I agree his potential is vast and his humor is key to that. Clearly he’s having a damn good time along the way! Haha. I think his best work is ahead of him.

  8. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Yes. Verily.