Doctor Spin: Tetris

When we started putting together Coilhouse issue 04, a haunted theme emerged. As issue 05 design got underway a couple of weeks back, a pattern appeared again, and this time it’s TETRIS. Yes, the clever game of geometry and speed has been on everyone‘s minds throughout the virtual Coilhouse HQ. To celebrate this bizarre synchronicity, here is a..curious tribute to the addictive and wonderful pastime, paid in full as only Europop can do. [via Kris Ether]

It’s time to re-examine the way we think about hats.

3 Responses to “Doctor Spin: Tetris”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Found & played a game of Tetris in honor of this post.

  2. T spin Says:

    Tetris and Coilhouse together, my mind might not be able to handle it.

  3. seedymckenzie Says:

    More tetris:

    Time to pull out your hard hat, Mack.